Caldren Voss

A former contract explorer.


The youngest of a family of miners, Caldren Voss left home at age 16 to seek out some excitement in his young life. His background in minerals landed him a job with the Outer Rim Oreworks (ORO) as a scout/surveyor of new mining sites and any potential archaeological dig sites.

Voss eventually got bored of surveying and decided to spice up his trips with extracurricular cargo missions along the way. During a close encounter with Imperial customs officers, he crash landed ORO’s ship on the planet of Corellia. There, while drowning his sorrows in a local cantina, he met Brath Zaclin. The two paired up and ran some arms to Dantoine. There they met up with N5-TR and Rinzler who needed to get off the planet and away from Soola Hutt.

Obligation: Company seeks damages/restitution for lost ship.


Caldren Voss

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